When you create a dynamic Seamless Qr code, you have complete access to link analytics giving you the ability to track the performance of all your Seamless Qr codes. Scan analytics can give you insight to both when and where your codes are being scanned, which can help businesses better understand their customers. The custom Seamless Qr code design has a much more approachable feel, and has resulted in higher scan rates! Even more, Seamless Qr codes can be completely customized with your brand icons and color, or anything you'd like. Check out our site to see how these look!

Why Seamless Qr codes are the best

They are dynamic QR codes, which differ from the classic “static” QR codes in a way that that the destination of a code after scanning can be changed even after you have printed it. When you create dynamic QR codes, you also have access to link analytics so that you can track the performance of each code. Seamless Qr code offer all that and more. They’re able to direct users to a wide variety of apps and services. As with dynamic QR codes, you get link analytics as well. Seamless Qr code, though, are much faster to scan (only 100 milliseconds).

Contactless menus

Now more than ever, restaurant professionals need to provide a contactless solution for customers to stay open and keep the public safe Say goodbye to wasteful paper menus, and print a Seamless Qr code for guests to scan before ordering their food or drink. The code can scan to a website url, pdf, or an image so you can directly connect customers to your menu.

Allow Contactless Ordering

Your menus are handled by dozens if not hundreds of people throughout the day. Even with regular hand-washing, that’s a recipe for infection. Instead, post a Seamless Qr code at the ordering station or at each table (depending on where customers place their orders). Customers can scan the code to access your menu and tell your server what they'd like to order. You might even consider saving your servers or order-takers some time by allowing customers to place an order through their phone. Seamless Qr code provides a contactless way to deliver ordering options to your customers. This, in turn, provides a convenient ordering experience for your customers that promotes health safety to the highest degree.

Engage with Your Customers

Share more info, without a website .Websites can be hard to maintain. By using our free link aggregator site Flowpage, you can easily organize your links, social media profiles, any video content, and collect customer information all in one seamless mobile-first landing page. Seamless Qr code provides an instant connection point from menus, posters, or table tents to your menu and much more! Put your Seamless Qr code on table tents, flyers, your window, any promotional materials, to-go menus, business cards for starters to share wifi, increase your social media followers, collect customer information, and share business hours for starters Use your Seamless Qr code to directly connect customers to:

Restaurant and Hotel Menu
Business cards
Wifi Access
Social Media pages
Fun Content



Business card Qr code design in Nairobi Kenya

QR Code Business Cards

Sharing contact information has never been faster with Seamless QR code digital business cards. Business cards with Seamless QR codes get 60% more interaction! Connect your seamless QR code to our free mobile landing pages to your contact card and social handles downloadable.Increase sales and drive traffic to your online destinations with QR code business cards that link to your e-store.QR codes streamline the networking process by allowing you to instantly share LinkedIn, Spotify, TikTok, and more! Save Money.No need to keep printing new business cards. with Seamless Qr code, you'll send your contact card directly to their phone.

Menu Scan to Order Qr code

Event Check-In

Even if you’re following sanitation protocols and other safety precautions in the COVID-19 era, it’s a good idea to minimize contact as much as possible. Seamless Qr Codes are an excellent way to enable contactless booking and payment. With the new Simply post a Seamless that leads to your appointment check-in form or payment portal. Customers can easily scan it to pay you via Stripe or your preferred payment processor.

Qr codes for Hotels in Kenya

Online Restaurant menu

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to having a fully customized experience wherever they go. Unfortunately, restaurants are a little behind the times. Most customers figure that they will have the same experience as everyone else. With Seamless Qr codes, that can all change. Imagine a world in which customers visit your restaurant and can scan a code to take a quiz and receive personalized menu recommendations. If you serve alcohol, you could post Seamless Qr codes that lead to recommended wine or beer pairings with customer's entrees.


Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting

Counterfeits, replicas, fakes and illegal products are among the top challenges for many consumer brands in Kenya and globally. It has turned into battle against what is now a multi-billion dollar industry of counterfeit apparels, fashion, electronics,food & beverage, books, luxury items, pharmaceuticals and impacts nearly every product category. In most cases, Kenyan consumers will not be able to distinguish between a genuine product and a counterfeit.Connected smart products equipped with a qr code or serialisation level have the inherent ability to enable product authentication capabilities. With an ordinary smartphone, consumers can scan a Smart Product which can then run a product authentication check against it’s digital record on the Platform and return a message conveying whether that specific serial instance of the product is authenticated as genuine.

Is your marketing working?

Seamless Qr Code’s advanced analytics dashboard allows restaurant professionals to understand which marketing tactic worked best, drive online ordering and collect contact info from interested customers Join Top Restaurant Pros with Next Generation QR Technology
- Dynamic codes that never expire.
- Custom designs available.
- Unlimited scans.
-Advanced analytics and data insights.


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